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INSIDE THE RING: Changing the norm in s.a. boxing

SAN ANTONIO – When it comes to boxing, it’s hard to change what has been the standard over the decades, especially when it comes to local fights all over the country. DAZN and Matchroom Boxing have done their part to change what viewers see on television and online.

When it comes to fights in San Antonio, Davies Entertainment is paving the road to do the same. Except here, fans get to be present to experience the difference

“This is a modern day ‘Fight Club,’” said Cameron Davies, CEO of Davies Entertainment. “When you get here, you’ll see hands fly. There’s no where to run for the fighters. It’s full of excitement but it’s not just a boxing event, it’s combat meets culture.”

“It’s a Vegas style experience right here in the best city in the world, San Antonio,” Davies. added.

Brawl off broadway is an experience

Davies Entertainment has been experimenting with something called “Brawl Off Broadway” which is a series of fights featuring boxers from all over Texas. Each event they’ve held at their new Davies Event Center, located at 9503 Middlex, has only gotten bigger and better according to fans. Fight night features professional light and sound systems, suites, VIP tables and recording artists performing live.


“It’s a dream come true. We’ve built a 73,000 square foot entertainment facility in the middle of the pandemic. We did it all to provide an opportunity for amateurs and pro fighters. We have the largest amateur program in San Antonio. The gyms are great but when you step inside the Event Center, it’s night and day when you come to a fight.”

Saturday’s first event of 2022 looks to be best yet after having sold out 1,000 tickets days before the fight, something unheard of when it comes to local boxing events.

everything is created in house

“My wife and Mandy Ramirez come in and design the event center, my crew does the whole production, we write the entire event and we do the studies on how best to sell tickets,” explained Davies. “When you do it all yourself it’s that more important to you but this hits home because this is our event center.”

Davies plans to have six events in San Antonio this year but tickets sell out quickly. You can check Davies Entertainment on their website for updates on future events.

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