Cameron Davies Announces Music Division Partnership as Part of the $5 Million Dollar Investment into Davies Entertainment

San Antonio, TX ~ ArtOfficial Management has inked an exclusive partnership with Davies Entertainment, LLC which includes: the distribution of multiple upcoming albums from artists under the management umbrella, a reality television series based on the music dealings of the artists involved, a full service podcast network, a video game streaming division, and a state of the art recording facility. The deal was announced today by Chairman and CEO of Davies Entertainment, reality television personality of his self-produced show, Built For Business, and owner of the world’s largest mobile fabrication business, Cameron Davies. Davies’ initial $1 million dollar investment into the music division, is in conjunction with his overall commitment to investing $5 million dollars into Davies Entertainment (an entertainment company in south Texas staffed with leaders and content creators focused on redefining the meaning of culture in the world of music, television, sports, and film).

“Daniel Boskind aka Question and I, have been collaborators on and off for years,” said Mr. Davies. “Years ago when Question was an artist and signed to Epic Records, I told him one day we would open a recording studio, sign artists, and help build up the music scene to give it a powerful national presence, while utilizing the talent along the I-35 corridor that connects from Austin to San Antonio. With me originally being from Georgetown, now operating out of San Antonio, and Question being the first hip hop artist from San Antonio to sign a major record deal years ago, it just made sense to grow in this region. We got the early stages of this relationship rolling pre-pandemic, but Covid-19 created a stop in our progress. Nevertheless, I decided not to run from my commitment, and built a massive multi-million dollar entertainment facility, including a unique recording studio built with Question’s direction, and committed to signing artists when the rest of industry was in a holding pattern during quarantine,” Davies went on to say.

Question was previously signed to industry executives Jonny Shipes and Zach Katz (whom he calls mentors now), and began his career at Epic Records (a division of Sony Music Group). After a successful music career which included working with the likes of Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and Nipsey Hussle, he then decided to launch a full service management/media company in 2019.

“Over the years, Cameron and I not only enjoyed some success together, but we also became lifelong friends. Today, in terms of entrepreneurship, Cameron is truly in a league of his own. The team he’s allowed me to hire are committed to influencing the culture and igniting musical revolutions that are truly incredible. He’s an innovator like no other, and I could not be more excited to join forces,” Question exclaims.

This new partnership also includes a label deal for Davies Entertainment that has added Austin, TX native, but Denver based rapper/singer Cory Kendrix, Atlanta native rapper, Bankreaux , and singer/songwriter Daniel Leon. This new deal will include several new music projects, new artist signings, along with a reality TV docu-series featuring all three artists (expected to premiere in the fall), and upcoming releases that will be announced in the months ahead. ArtOfficial will also continue to provide management services for these projects such as: promotion, marketing, sales, and distribution.

“I have known Question for probably 15+ years now, and since the very beginning, we have enjoyed countless successes over our friendship,” states Mr. Davies. “To now work with Q in this capacity feels more like a homecoming than a new beginning. Not only is he a fearless creative marketing mind, he believes in artists, and understands music better than anyone. He embodies hard work and is not afraid to fail, which is evident in all of his past successes. Our goal is to bring us all together as a family to provide opportunity for those who don’t get the looks that major cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, and even Houston get. I’m tired of hearing that San Antonio and Austin are too small, or don’t have the talent. It’s bullshit, and we are out to prove that if we inject the scene with leadership, knowledge, and some real financial backing, we can change the narrative completely,” Davies emphasizes.

“We are beyond aligned on this vision as a company, because it’s the same vision we had 15 years ago. The smartest thing I could do for these artists was to team up with an entrepreneurial enigma like Cam, in addition with mentorship from our COO Marcos Resendez, a brilliant leader with extensive entertainment and marketing knowledge from his time in radio and advertising. It’s a leadership structure that can teach myself, as well as these artists and creators, how to brand themselves properly. We aren’t just signing acts to make money. We are trying to build future CEO’s who go out and create opportunity for others one day in the same way we did for them,” Question added.

This groundbreaking deal brings Mr. Davies and Question’s initial collaboration full circle, as Cameron recently announced that Question would also take the reigns as President of Davies Entertainment (a role he has been groomed for under the guidance of Mr. Resendez, who previously held the role before becoming the COO of Davies Enterprises).

The preeminence, power, and validity of their association underscores one of the most exciting relationships in entertainment right now. This is a relationship built with only one thing in mind: “Curating The Cool.”

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